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LOCOL is literally an 'old school' classroom, in a former elementary school. 'Room 10' was built in 1872, and still features two coat closets: one for girls, and one for puppy dog tails.

In its current incarnation as LOCOL, it is a beautiful, neutral backdrop for making art, crafting, doing yoga, learning to sing, hosting a meeting, networking events, office overflow, financial literacy learning, cartwheels....

There are currently three models for LOCOL's use:

1. Rent the space by the hour for $35 per

You keep any income from your activity. In this model, I will list your activity on my website and via my various social media, but am not responsible for participant recruitment: that's on you.

2. Make a case for me paying you to teach a class/seminar

I pay you (usually between $30 and $50) to run an activity at LOCOL; I keep the fees/profits. I expect you to promote the event and your involvement, and I also market it via my website, social, print, etc. The event runs only with a minimum of 5 confirmed paying participants.

3. Make a case for you and I splitting the profits 50/50

We also share marketing, and risk. In this model, the activity only runs with a minimum of $100 in income from fees/sponsorship.

By 'make a case' I simply mean talk with me about it. :)

Use of LOCOL includes marketing and promotion via LOCOL's and Gathering Niagara's channels, including newsletters/blogs, social media, a weekly column in a local newspaper, and more. (To be discussed on an ad hoc basis.)

I (Lauren O'Malley) reserve the right to limit the use of LOCOL to activities that suit my own criteria for the space. It is open to most, but, sorry: not to all. I will be curating the life of LOCOL, and I will be very engaged in that curation.

Relatedly, I reserve the right to participate in/audit any activities (with fee waived) to ensure the caliber and appropriateness of anything going on at LOCOL—with some exceptions, including times where the leader would lose profit due to my attendance, or when the space is used for corporate or private functions. 

•  LOCOL is approximate 30'x30', with 12' ceilings

•  There are 4 large windows, 2 large chalkboards, and two large bulletin boards

•  On-site furnishings (tucked away in closets when not required): 5 tables (approx 2'x3'), 20 chairs; mobile shelving can be used as seating
•  There are 2 working sinks in the room; food preparation is possible, but any cooking would have to be done with your own equipment, and keeping in mind grease-laden fumes are not permitted as there is not proper ventilation for same.

•  Lights are dimmable (savasana, anyone?)

•  Washrooms are just down the hall

•  WiFi is included

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