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What I think of  Locol

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We love to hear from you! We love to share your joy, and use it encourage others to join us in the communal delight that is LOCOL.

"Wonderful location, with easy parking and such a welcoming atmosphere!" Pat Milland

"I was happy to come out and do something different. Watching seeds grow is somewhat therapeutic. Manifesting some change is important to me." Nancy Drope

"I really love the experience in a smaller community (ie not having to go to Toronto). This is a great opportunity being offered here in Niagara; I look forward to more learning!" David Flack

"I really enjoyed my class with Kim [Manley Ort]." Judy McHattie


"My kids had such a great time! Those were really wonderful art activities!" Lida Ruller 


"I went to Kim Manley Ort's book launch last week and was taken in by the charm and welcoming atmosphere of this very special space." Jane Andres 

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